Heatwave: 78% of French people think that their company is not prepared

Heatwave: 78% of French people think that their company is not prepared 

According to a study conducted by the temporary work agency Qapa.fr and the company Castalie, microfiltered water supplier, 78% of French people believe that their company is not prepared to fight against high temperatures.

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65% of French people have already experienced a lot of heat in their workplace and 59% say they can not work effectively during hot weather .

Among the regions best prepared to face the heat wave: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur; Normandy comes in 6th position. The last of the class are the Grand-Est, the Pays-de-Loire and the Hauts-de-France, the Center-Val de Loire.


Among the additional devices put in place in case of hot weather, it is the supply of water (bottles, bottles, fountains) which comes first (36%), followed by the renewal of air (16%).

74% of French people do not know from what temperature, the code of work provides a possibility to exercise its right of withdrawal (possibility to refuse to work in case of imminent danger). No wonder: the labor code does not provide a temperature limit beyond which one could refuse to work.

The INR S (National Research and Safety Institute) recommends to be vigilant as soon as the ambient temperature (in the shade) exceeds 30 ° C , which corresponds to an “unusually hot day” (see file published by the INRS: ” work during hot weather in summer “).

The OPPBTP (Professional organization of prevention of the BTP) considers that a vigilance is imperative as soon as the temperature exceeds the 30 ° C in the shade and increased since the night temperatures are higher than 25 ° C (this hinders the complete recovery of the organism)